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CNC Laser Cutting Services in Pakistan Power Engineering | Pengpk

Power engineering qualified and manufacturing services provider all over Pakistan. We are a Leading metal sheet cutting service provider with the latest model of CNC laser cutting (Wi-Fi connected) including sheet cutting and Tube cutting. We use advanced technology CNC Laser Cutting Services in Pakistan and advanced cutting process in our process.

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In laser cutting a focused laser beam radiating with high energy density is used as a cutting tool for the thermal cutting process on the workpiece of metal. Laser cutting use on-oxidizing gas (N2, Air) to cut or reactive metal including stainless steel titanium, aluminium various metals, non-metal sheets and composite materials.

Some Technical Specification of Our CNC Laser

Advantages of Laser Technology

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Why Power Engineering?


Laser cutting doesn't require the changing of tools for different cuts and the Same setup is suitable for cutting a lot of different shapes within the same material thickness.

In-time Delivery

Power engineering is always ready to deliver you Excellent cutting quality services in Pakistan. With the delivery in time we are leading the market.


Using the proper setup, laser cutters only leave a slight burr. It does not affect the design. It depends on the material, its thickness and other factors.


We have specialist operator is a must to make the most of a laser cutter's potential. The proper setup makes sure the cutting quality is up to the standard people expect from this technology.CNC Laser Cutting Services in Pakistan